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Prosper Day Pass
25 USD /Day Pass (no monthly fee)

1 Day (24 hour) access to Prosper Gowork space. This option does not allow guest access or meeting room bookings. For meetings, please contact us about meeting room access. If you, as an individual need to book a meeting room, you may do so for up to 4 hours for an additional $20.

If you upgrade to a monthly membership, we will credit you back your $25!

Time Passes
  • Day Pass
    25.00 USD
Booking Passes
  • Meeting room hours
    Crown Heights: Small room left: Basement Level / Bushwick: Small room left: basement level / Bushwick: Conference Room: Basement level / Bushwick: Small room right: Basement level / Bushwick: Greenhouse meeting room - up to 4 people / Crown Heights: CONFERENCE ROOM: Basement Level / Crown Heights: Small room Right: Basement Level / Bushwick: Small room middle: Basement level
    Hours: 4 (combined)
    Price: 20.00 USD
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